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Top 3 indoor plants to accompany you for a long time | Plantilia

Here are the three best indoor plant that are going to accompany you for a really long time. Some will even accompany you till last

We plant plants and they come close to us. After some time, they even become a companion for us. 

We start to enjoy their companionship. We start to love them. We love to see them growing. 

Slowly, they also become a part of our family. PWe start to understand them and their needs. At that point losing that companion is the worst thing that can happen.

The pain of loosing that companion plant is just like loosing a member of our family. 

And no one wants to loose a friend, his/ her love, companion. So what should you do? Not making a bond with a plant is not the solution, cause love is natural. Neither it is to not planting any.

Planting is a kind of happiness but seeing the plant's dying is the worst part of that.

To avoid such problems, you can plant a plant that is going to live long. But how would you know that?

It's not possible right now to tell when anyone is going to die. But we can at-least plant some that have a long life expectancy.

But how to do that? It is pretty simple, just search for the species that has a longer life expectancy. You don't need to do that, cause in this blog post, I have got you the top 3 indoor plants that have a higher life expectancy. Enjoy the blog:

top three long living indoor plants for home decor

Areca palm tree

Care level: Intermediate

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Areca palm tree is a type of palm tree, this indoor plant looks standard in home decorations.

Areca palm indoor houseplant can live about 40 years in a proper, suitable and comfortable environment. It is popular for it's short lifespan in palm family, but that is what makes it an indoor plant.

Has small green leaves with long branches. Leaves arranged on the both side of the stem as pictured.

Basically it requires more sunlight for growing fast. Direct sunlight is dreadful for the plant, can burn it's leaves. Indirect and light shade of sunlight is best for them.

It can grow up to 6-8 feet tall in height.

It's a little tall plant, so you can place the plant in any empty place like in any corner, beside sofa, in drawing room where it gets a indirect sunlight. It can fulfill empty space in your house beautifully.

Areca palm needs watering in every 2-3 days. Don't water in excess, as it could harm the plant.

It's a good air purifier, it can filter all the toxins, chemicals in air and the air becomes clean and fresh, this is a good benefit from this plant.

Clean and fresh air is must for a healthy and happy life.
It was found in studies that this Areca palm helps in decreasing stress. We believe that it will be a good companion for you in long term. 

top three long living indoor plants for home decor

spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) 

Care Level: Beginner to intermediate

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This plant commonly known as spider plant, spider  ivy The reason behind is it's long stem that makes it look like a spider. Also it is known as the ribbon plant. 

Spider plant is popular for it's unbelievable lifespan. This houseplant can easily live for more then 50 year. 

Unique combination of long leaves and unique colors looks like green ribbons with white borders. 

Usually watering once in a week is needed but be careful that the soil should not dry before watering. 

Direct sunlight can burn their leaves, it needs a light shade of indirect sunlight. just a little bright shade is sufficient for the plant. 

It is a short plant of height 1-2 feet tall. 

Because of it's short body you can place it in a smaller space in your home, to your taste.

As it requires, the place where it gets an indirect sunlight is best for the plant, like balcony, near window, Hall, in balcony with hanging pot, are recommend places for you. 

This flowering houseplant produces little white flowers. 

The plant is considered as a good air purifier. Reason behind is that it can clean harmful toxin, chemicals ( carbon monoxide, xylene, formaldehyde, toluene) in air. It is a great part of the ribbon plant. 

Keeping the beneficial plant inside the house results in fresh and clean air with a good environment in your day to day life. 

top three long living indoor plants for home decor

golden barrel cactus (Echinocactus grusonii) 

Care level: Beginner to Intermediate

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Golden barrel cactus is a species of cacti. It has a golden ball like shape. Barrel shape of the stem with golden spines result in the nickname 'golden barrel cactus'. 

This rare and endangered species is a popular houseplant for it's unique barrel like look. 
It can live between 50-100 years, people like this plant for it's look and longevity. 

Watering once in week in summer is great for it. It will need much water in winter. 

Proper watering and care will definitely result in beautiful and big yellow flowers. 

Sufficient sunlight is must for this one. It requires bright and full-sunlight. 
These are small in size, approx height of this  plant is only 23-24 cm. 

According to it's requirements you can to place it in a open space for sufficient sunlight, like in balcony, open Hall or near an open window etc. 


Planting is a very emotional process. There is a story behind each plant and it's growth.

Just like humans, plants also have a lifetime and one day they also have to die. But due to the bond, we want them to stay with us forever.

The plants listed here will also die. They also have a lifespan but, the difference is that these will offer you some more adorable and happy moments.

With these you will get a few more years of companionship. They will add a few more years of them being a part of your family.

Just plant one of them and enjoy their company. Enjoy watering them. Enjoy their flowers. Enjoy them for a very very long time.

Thank you! Have a great day ahead :)

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