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Best easy maintain indoor plants with newbie level care needs

Want to plant but aren't professional? Don't worry these 3 plants are for you. Best easy maintain indoor plants.beginner level caring is enough to e'm

 I run into many people telling me their wish to plant a beautiful indoor plant but, they don't have the entire skills. All they know is just sowing & watering a plant.

In this case many will say, it is impossible for them to look towards planting. Many will also advice them that planting is not their type of work.

What I tell them is, Being a beginner is completely fine. I recommend those friends not to give up their will to plant. Cause this will is not very common in general.

I would tell them to plant some newbie type plants. Newbie plants are basically those, which don't need much care and knowledge about plants.

Planting them will help you to learn much about planting. You will learn to water them properly. You will even get to know plant's body language.

We have shared 3 easy maintain plants with their care process and basic watering and sunlight needs.

Below are the best three easy maintain indoor plants. Which are specially chosen for the beginners.

Easy maintain indoor decor plants

RED AGLAONEMA ( Aglaonema commutatum)


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RED AGLAONEMA also known as CHINESE EVERGREEN, Has Beautiful leaf color. It has green leaves with a shade of red color that looks stunning in indoor decorations. 

It has a prominent leaf pattern. This easy to maintain plant is a popular houseplant that people use to decorate. 

Just make sure you water it in winter. Keeping them soggy in winter may turn out  bad for them. 

In other seasons, watering once in a week is good for their requirements. But be careful the soil mustn't dry before re-watering. 

Direct , full sunlight many burn it's leaves and damage the plant. But to it's requirements it needs bright and indirect sunlight for proper growth and it helps in making the leaves more colorful leaves. Bright indirect sunlight is also important maintain it's elegant look. 

You can place it near window, balcony, with or without a hanging pot. You can also choose to go for inside the room near sofa, drawing room, but make sure it is exposed to the bright and indirect light shade of sunlight. 

It is one of the best houseplant for purifying air, also it's recommend by NASA. It can remove harmful substances like formaldehyde, benzene in air and make it fresh and clean. 

Looking beautiful with great air purifying quality is what makes it a worth planting. It one of the most beneficial plant with less maintenance that we would love to recommend to you.

Easy maintain indoor decor plants

Zz plant (Zamioculcas) 


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ZAMIOCULCAS PLANT is commonly called as The ZZ PLANT . It has a unique shape and it looks like a bunch of feather. 

The stem is a little thick at bottom as it goes up becomes thinner and pointed. At the thinner part, beautiful oval shaped leaves are generally seen. 

Plant needs less water. Make sure not to water before the soil becomes completely dry. Watering once every 2 to 3 weeks is completely sufficient. 

ZZ plant needs less watering, less attention. This plant is very easy to maintain. For indoor decor it's one of the best plants. You can keep this plant indoor without changing your daily work routine. 

It can't tolerate direct sunlight, direct sunlight can burn it's leaves and effect on it's looks. 

It can grow faster in an indirect and low lighting. The Zz plant likes to stay in extremely low light areas. 

Keep this plant in a low light area, like in corners, Hall, self, bedrooms etc. 

It is also one of the best air purifying plant, as said by NASA. It can remove toxins like benzene, toluene, xylene etc and chemicals from air and creates a better environment for your home. 

This easy maintain and beneficial zz plant is a lovely recommendation for you. 

Check the complete guide on How To Take Care of ZZ Plant

Easy maintain indoor decor plants

Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree (Ficus lyrata)


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Fiddle leaf fig is a houseplant, that very easy to maintain. Long stem with big leaves gives a elegant look in house decorations. 

Big leaves with unique look is look like a lyra, this is the cause behind it's nickname Ficus Lyrata. 

Watering once in a week is sufficient, more in winter if the soil become dry. 

It needs less care and attention, so it's very easy to maintain indoor. 

Bright, indirect and light shade of sunlight is best for the plant. Direct sunlight can burn the leaves. 

Light shade of sunlight also help in plant's fast growing. 

The place where it gets the proper sunlight as it's requirements is best for the plant.  As you can place them in window, balcony, corners like beside the sofa, bed etc. It's not so short, it can fulfill the empty space in your home. 

This plant is best in purifying indoor air and make a clean and fresh indoor environment.


If you are a complete beginner or a newbie, just don't give up. Try to learn more about the plants.

You can start anytime from these plants because they are super easy to maintain and specially for beginners.

If you are just starting your journey, then we would recommend you to go for the ZZ plant, because of it's less requirements.

The plants discussed above can also be helpful if you are a busy person or have less time for activities like planting.

Above plants are not only for the newbies but also, people having great skills can plant them.

Thanks for Reading, Have a great day/ night ahead & keep learning keep planting.

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