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3 Plants to look forward if you want to plant decor flowering plants inside home

Decor you home with these flowering plants and make it look and feel more peaceful and silent. Great oxygen producing flowering plants for home decor.

As time is slipping, we have been going more and more away from the nature. We kind of miss the calm, cool and peaceful touch of it.

Being in a city life or urban life never have allowed us to feel the calmness of the nature.

I bet many of us want to but can't. You know, office, traffic, workload things like that. 

But there is a way of finding nature around yourself, Plant a sapling.

The clear solution is to plant a tiny home decor plant in a pot and enjoy the freshness around it.

You can also plant a home decor plant, that actually flowers. And they don't even cost you a lot. Neither take a lot of space to be planted.

I mean, just plant it and place it on your window or desk or any corner of your house suitable for the plant and enjoy the vibe.

They don't even take a lot of time to care. You can give it just 10 - 15 time to it and all set.

In today's blog I have found you 3 of the best flowering decor plants in the market.

Also I have given some care instructions on them. We are planning to also post dedicated posts for particular plants and their care. So bookmark us and enjoy the nature...

best 3 flowering decor plants

1. String of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus) 

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Care Level: Beginner to Intermediate 

This succulent plant has a string like body. On it's body, there are leaves that look just like green pearls. It's the style of it's leaves that gives it the nickname "STRING OF PEARLS".

Maintaining the soil moist is a must for this beauty. But don't water too often. Just let the soil be nearly dry before you re-water it.

You can decor it at a place that gets bright but indirect sunlight. It's perfect with direct light also but I don't recommend it.

It shows a rapid growth over time. When matures, becomes about 2-3 feet in length.

It doesn't grow that big. Can be hung anywhere with suitable lighting. So if you have a smaller place, I will surely recommend this to you.

If taken proper care, you will see beautiful white flowers peeking out of their buds. 

You can place this plant in a hanging pot and hang where you want it to. I prefer it to be in the balcony, hanging. Or in case if there is no balcony, I prefer to hang it in the window.

This plant keeps a good vibe around it. And also provides a good amount of fresh oxygen.

Check out our latest story on String of pearls and 3 flowering home decor indoor plants at medium @plantilia  post: 3 flowering plants
best 3 flowering decor plants

2. Jade plant (crassula ovata)

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Care level - Beginner to intermediate

This succulent plant has beautiful oval shaped thick green leaves, with woody stems. 

This house plant is usually known as  "JADE PLANT"or "LUCKY PLANT" etc. 

It was believed that this plant brings good luck and charm home, that leads increased positive energies.Due to the thinking of it bringing good-luck it's called the lucky plant.

This jade plant needs less Water. Watering once in every 2-3 weeks is enough, but be careful that soil shouldn't dry before re-watering. 

You can place the plant, where it gets sufficient amount of sunlight, at-least 4 hours of direct sunlight within a single day is necessary.

Plant can grow up to 3-5 feet. As it is a slow grower it can only grow 5-20 cm per year. 

As it's a flowering plant, after taking good care you can see beautiful white and pink flowers blooming.

It is not so big, so you can place it in a small place with sufficient lighting, like balcony, near window & so on according to your taste. 

A self watering pot is provided with this product, so i hope you will not face any problem on fixing the plant. 

It purifies indoor air and also increases the humidity.

Because of this definitely you will find fresh and natural vibe in your home. 

best 3 flowering decor plants

3. Bromeliad (Bromeliaceae) 

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Care Level: Beginner

This beautiful bromeliad plant has unique fleshy, long leaves. It's a very colorful plant, with different leaf colors (red, green, orange, yellow & purple) 

Watering once in a week is sufficient and make sure their roots shouldn't be soggy they must be moist, that's best for the plant. 

Don't give them direct sunlight, indirect & light shade sunlight is great for the plant.Try to fix the pot where the plant gets a bright shade of  sunlight. 

This plant grows up to 2-3 feet. 

As it is a short plant, it requires a small space in your home, you can place the pot on balcony, drawing room, living room etc. 

This flowering plant bloom once in their life cycle, flowers are look very beautiful and unique. Proper care of the plant is required for flowering.

But it doesn't need  too much of hard-work. Just a little look at it is enough.

It is a great air purifying plant. Removes toxins from the air as well as provides fresh Oxygen. And also maintains a good vibe around the house.

Keeping bromeliad plant in home is really good for indoor environment. It gives you a fresh & clean air.


As a decor plant I have shown you some of the best indoor flowering plants that you can consider planting inside home.

If you want to plant a flowering ones then consider going for the first two. The third one is also a flowering plant but, flowers once in a lifetime. Which is a drawback for some people. Still we should also take into consideration that those once in a lifetime flowers are Very much beautiful.

So if you want to go for the flowering plants, you can go for the first two or also for all three for them.

All of them are a good producer of oxygen and maintain a good atmosphere around them.

At last it is completely upon you to choose what you want to buy. At-least planting decor plants is far better than buying useless plastic stuff.

Thank you. Have a good day ahead :)

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