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These medicinal plants have something special

having a medicinal house plant can largely help you in long term. In this bog we are going to tell you about dome of the best medicinal house plants.

Plants themselves have so many benefits. But among all of the plant, medicinal ones are the favorites of many.

I also love plant with extra benefits like the medicinal ones. But cause we are here to talk about the house plants, so we are not going to discuss anything about the ones in the woods.

Having a medicinal plant inside home in itself has many benefits.

By saying benefits,I actually mean it. having a medicinal plant inside home not only helps purify the air, but also helps in many emergency medial situations.

In today's amazing blog, we are going to know about 2 common medicinal house plant that everyone should have in home

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aloe-vera plant


Many of you already knew something about this plant. 

This is a succulent plant and it full with medicinal properties. 

It has small stem with fleshy, thick leaves. Leaves outline or margin is covered with small teeth like spines. 

The leaves made with a thick and transparent jelly like substance which is inside the green layer of  the leaves. 

Medicinal uses of aloe vera, it has a cooling property. You can apply it on face for removing acne, for glowing skin etc. 

It can improve digest, also you can apply it on hair for fast growth of hair, hair thinking etc and many more. 

Watering the plant where the soil gets dry, drying of soil between re-watering is good. Don't watered the plant in excess. 

It needs indirect, bright sunlight for their growing and health. Direct sunlight can harm it's leaves, it may causes burning of leaves and drying the soil. 

Place the plant where it gets  indirect light shade of sunlight, like near window, balcony, open hall, hanging container etc. 

It's a short succulent plant, can grow up to 1-2 feet. 

We recommend you, to must keep this plant in your home. It is full with medicinal properties i.e very beneficial for everyone. Everyone should keep this plant in their home and get the medicinal properties. 

rubber plant

Rubber plant (Ficus elastica) 

Rubber plant is a good houseplant with many beneficial quality, medicinal properties is one of them.

It has a beautiful body, with a little thick, rubbery leaves.

Rubber plant is use to improve muscle and joint pain, constipation, cuts, sores, insects bites, parasitics worm etc.

Watering in  every 3-4 days is good, but don't let the soil dry.

Rubber plant needs bright, indirect sunlight for their fast growing and bright health. Direct sunlight may harm to it's leaves.

Choose a place where the plant gets a light shade of sunlight. Like balcony, near window not very close to window, inside the hall etc.

This is also a good air purifier, which is a good quality of it.

Best and quick medicinal properties of this plant will really help in your daily life. 

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