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Zz plant (black raven plant): all you need to know about it

Zz plant Aka the zanzibar Gem or The Black Raven is very popular among plant lovers. In this blog, I will discuss about Zanzibar and some more FAQs.

Hey buddy!

Did you know that the Zz plant is not pronounced as The Z(ed) Z(ed), but pronounced as the Z(ee) Z(ee) plant?

Tell us if you knew it and also share if you didn't. Cause I didn't knew it too. (>.<)

By the way jokes apart, the Zz plant (AKA the Black Raven Plant) is a really nice way to maintain good environment around.

And because this is a not so needy plant, so you can have it without even much experience.

But still you will need a little bit of knowledge before you plant it.

In this blog, I have shared basic things you need to know about the Zz plant.

We are going to talk about the watering habit and the sunlight requirements of the Zz plant. We will also have a look at some of the FAQs about the Zz plant.

Enjoy the rest part of it. [ ;-) ]

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zz plant(Zamioculcas) 

Zz plant (black raven plant): all you need to know about it

Many people don't know that the common name for Zz plant is Zanzibar Gem whereas the Zz plant name came from it's botanical name, that is Zamioculcas zamiifolia.

Botanical name of the Zz plant is Zamioculcas zamiifolia, that was named in 1856.

But the Zz plant is also famous for it's another common name, the black raven plant.

Zanzibar Gem is a popular houseplant. It is popular for their look dark green and oval leaves that attracts more, the most unique part of this plant is it's stem.

Stem looks like a pipe that is wider in starting and became narrow and makes a point at the top.

Zz plant watering

Zz plant has extreme water retention property that lessens their requirement of water.

Less watering is best for the Zanzibar Gem plant.

Irregular watering like watering the plant when the soil of the pot becomes entirely dry is great for it's growth.

Make sure to not re-water the plant before the soil becomes totally dry.

Over-watering  leads to yellowish leaves, that is not a good sign for the Zanzibar Gem plant.

Zz plant light requirement

Sufficient amount of indirect bright light can help them growing fast.

Direct sunlight can harm the plant as well as burn the leaves.

Choose a place where it get a proper shade of indirect sunlight, for best indirect sunlight, you can use a curtain in windows and place the plant in a little distance.

For the healthy plant body, long duration indirect sunlight is necessary.

For beginners it's a great plant to maintain. It needs less care and a little attention is more than enough.

Do zz plants bloom?

Yes it can bloom, the Black Raven plant is a very popular flowering plant, but it's flowering is very rare.

For the flowering purpose is not that good.

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Propagating zz plant:-

Zz plants are one of the easiest to propagate among all the house plants. There are 2 ways of propagating a Zz Plant or the Black Raven Plant.

You can propagate it by either simply cutting out a stem near to it's roots and putting it inside some clean water and then repotting or also by just cutting a leaf from near it's stalk (with a little bit of stem with it, if possible) and placing it in 1cm deep potting mix in a pot.

That's it, you are now done with the propagation of zz plant and have a bunch of zz plant children.

Enjoy your zz plant as well as the new company you have grown. And don't forget to introduce us to your new friend on instagram @plantilia (tag us) (◔‿◔){I am waiting for you}

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Air purification

Zanzibar Gem plant is a good air purifying plant. As researched by NASA experts that it can remove toxins like Benzene and Toluene from air.

One of the best air purifying plant for indoor places, that makes the indoor air clean and fresh.

This is a great beneficial plant that ensures a pure environment all around it.

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Zz plant poisonous?

Yes, Zz plant is in the list of poisonous plants. Black Raven plant is toxic and can cause harm to the pets and humans.

After touching the zz plant wash your hand as it may cause itching on your hands and can be a little harmful(in very worst cases, very rare).

We would recommend you to keep the pets away from this houseplant.

Don't let any person/pets try to eat it. Cause that may lead to severe problems. The toxins in it's body may affect anyone if eaten.

However Zanzibar Gem plant (Zz Plant) can't kill the pets and human by their poison but it may cause some harm to some extent.

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Decoration ideas:

Zz plant(The Black Raven Plant) is One of the best plant for home and office decorations.

At the time of decorations make sure the plant only get the indirect sunlight or even extreme less sunlight it can survive but direct sunlight is not required.

Because of less sunlight requirements, you can keep the zz plant inside your room, hall, office Or every where as your taste.

Some Places You Can Decorate it:

Small table, near the sofa, hall corners, inside the self, in front of the window space, in the balcony etc.

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