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Best 3 succulent house plants

3 best succulent house plants, their benefits and care tips. Also answered- why should everyone plant at least one succulent houseplant.


Did you know that succulents are pest resistant. Tell us in the comments whether you knew it or not. Honestly, I didn't knew it until I was 17. By the way, I am 17 right now ;) .

People often ask me for a plant that they don't need to water often. They can neither take care of them too much. I mean giving attention to them all the time is not their type.

And I reply them with just one word "succulents".

best 3 succulent houseplants

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Many of the fellows often ask me, 'why succulents?' Many of you guys will also ask me the same.

My answer is, because they are beautiful as well as easy to maintain and They are also tiny as well as produce oxygen 24 hours a day.

Yes you read it very right, succulent plants produce oxygen full day and full night unlike other plants, which produce carbon dioxide in the night. They also keep a good environment around the house and spread a positive vibe. 

Though they can't produce a large amount of oxygen, they still produce an huge amount of oxygen as compared to their size.

If you don't know what succulents can you plant, there are 80+ species of succulent plants and in this blog I am going to talk about the 3 indoor succulent plants you should plant right now.

Best 3 succulent house plants
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1. Queen Victoria agave plant (Agave victoriae-reginae) 

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Queen Victoria agave/Victoria agave/ Royal agave are the common names of the succulent plant. 

It belongs to a small species of perennial plant. 

Queen Victoria agave has unique geometry  of leaves as it pictured. 

For the ornamentals uses it's good. It can flowering also, the beautifies the plant more. 

It Blooms once in their life span, before dieing. 

It needs lots of water, watering the plant 3-5 days in a week, as soon as it possible re-watering the plant before drying the soil. 

The soil dries quickly in summer, it needs  sufficient amount of watering in summer. 

It requires a light shade of sunlight, besides the window, in balcony is a good place to fix the plant. 

Victoria agave has medicinal properties, their leaves can use as antiseptics. 

This rare plant has many good qualities for indoor placement. 

Best 3 succulent house plants-Variegata Jade

2. Variegata Jade (Crassula ovata 'Tricolor)

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This is a type of jade plant, this succulent plant has great ornamental importance. 

It produce beautiful green leaves with a shade of light lemony yellow or buttery yellow. The oval shaped leaves enhance the beauty of the plant. 

The leaves shape is just like the jade plant that we already discussed in our early published blog. 

Let the soil completely dry then re-watered the plant, less water requires in winter. Watering in excess, can harm for the plant. 

Indirect and light shade of sunlight is best for the plant. Variegata jade needs at least 4 hours of indirect sunlight per day like the jade plant. 

Place the plant where it get a sufficient amount of indirect sunlight, for the best indirect sunlight you can use a curtain in window and the place the plant near window, balcony etc. 

This succulent plant can reach a height of 6 inch. 

This small plant require a small place in your home, also make the home beautiful. 

This jade plant has some medicinal properties with good indoor air purifying quality, that's really a best beneficial point. 

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Best 3 succulent house plants - root bridges cactus

3. root bridges cactus (cereus florida) 

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Root bridges cactus Or cereus florida  is a small succulent, best ornamental plant for indoor decorations. 

It has a straight thick stem with white spike, it looks like white spotted border with a green stem, looks very elegant. 

Watering 1-2 times in a week is sufficient for the plant, make sure the soil is dry before re- watering. 

It requires full sun of sufficient sunlight in a single day. 

Cactus can survive for long time. 

Cactus is good houseplant, it has many benefits for a daily life. 

Keeping a cactus inside the house results, fresh air, clean air, it can provide sufficient oxygen for a better health etc. 

This small succulent cactus needs a small place in your home, like near window, balcony, on any small table and as your taste where you can keep the plant. 


There are over 80 species of succulents in the world. And many of them require very less caring.

Over 80+ species, we have talked about only 3. There are species that could be more amazing than these, but covering all of them in one blog is next to impossible.

All of the succulents are worth a buy and we would recommend you to plant at lease one in home.

Their air filtering capability is not very common in the plant kingdom. And that is what it makes different from other species and unique.

Succulents have always been a worth plant so we will recommend you to have one.

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