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Care and grow String of pearls like a Pro | Watering,light,flowers and more

An in-depth article on String of pearls plant care, flowering, decoration and many more things. Read this article before you plant a String of pearls.

String of pearl is a beautiful, awesome succulent house plant, if you are looking for a beautiful indoor plant for decorating your home beautifully then string of pearl is the best one. 

It gives a special touch to indoor decorations naturally. Scientific name of the popular houseplant string of pearls is 'Senecio rowleyanus'. 

String of pearls is a succulent house plant and it also comes in the category of viney plants.

Unique drop like leaves looks stunning, it's shape is like a tear drop, because of this it is also called string of tears

The another mostly known name of a string of pearls plant is string of beads

String of Pearls care

When we are going to buy a plant, the first thought coming in our mind is about the plant's care, here the point is how to care for string of pearls? 

String of pearls succulent is a well known houseplants and also it in the category of low maintenance indoor plants. 

For the proper growth, rooting and a healthy body the plant needs a little attention and care. 

Proper watering, sunlight requirements, soil, a suitable place is necessary for a plant growth. 

How to water string of pearls? 

String of pearls do not tolerate over watering/excess watering. It needs a less amount of watering for the growth. 

Watering once or two times in two weeks is good for string of pearls. 

Re-watering the plant if when at least 2 inches of upper soil totally drying out. It's a tips for watering string of pearls. 

Sunlight requirements

Light shade of indirect and bright sunlight is perfect for string of pearls plant. 

Direct sunlight can harm the leaves and may burn it's leaves, so don't expose the plant in direct sunlight. 

For indirect sunlight you can use a curtain in front of your window, and place the plant near the window,it's a best way to get indirect sunlight. 

String of pearls soil

Choosing a suitable soil type is must for growing a plant. 

String of pearls is a succulent plant and it needs a sandy and well-drained soil, this is best for string of pearls soil. 

The another things in soil that you have to notice for string of pearls, this plant can easily growing up in neutral to acidic pH of soil. 

Does String Of Pearls plant flower?

The straight answer to this question is a big 'Yes'. String of beads plant flowers very beautiful white and pink flowers. Although they flower, but without a good amount of care, It is nearly impossible to make them flower.

Places you can decorate a String Of Pearls Plant

As we know string of pearls is a sensitive plant and direct sunlight many harm it's leaves. So it needs a place where it gets indirect and bright sunlight. 

So the best place for placing the plant is near window with using a curtain, inside room, near sofa, in the hall etc. 

The another best place to fix string of pearls is in the balcony on a hanging pot for tendrils/ foliage hanging down and for a better decoration of this beautiful plant.

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