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6 best vining plants no-one can resist complementing | Plantilia

Here is the latest list of best vining plants that attract a complement from everyone. Check out the blog and know more about viney houseplants.


What comes to your mind when you hear the name Vining plant? I get the imagination of a wall covered with the greenery of some climbing plants.

Psst!!! what do you get in mind when you hear the name, Vining plants? Tell us in the comments.

Whenever you want to decor the exterior or boundaries or any  part of your house like balcony and indoors, Vining plants are always a great suggestion in the list. Many of the decorators prefer these houseplants to decor parts of houses.

4 best vining plants no-one can resist complementing
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In this blog, we are going to explore more about the vining plants available online. Today I am going to show you the 6 best vining plants no-one can resist complementing...

Have some questions about vining plants? Check the FAQ part of the blog. If you can't find any answer, tell us your question in the comments and I will update the post with your question and answer.

Vining Pothos:

Pothos are one of the most attractive and beautiful plants among the vining plants. But what makes them special is their heart-shaped leaves. These leaves are the ones that troubles people identifying it. Most of the people sometime confuse it with another plant. Lets see if you can guess the plant name. Guessed it? then tell us it's name in the comment section...

4 best vining plants no-one can resist complementing
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Psst!!! there's a hint: That plant is also listed in this list. Let's see if anyone can guess it right.

The best part that I like in Pothos is it's not-too-picky-ness (as I call it). It mean's, Pothos doesn't need too much care and is Okay with the care you give them. But as I say, not-so-picky plants also need some least care to survive, this does so too.

You can easily make a vining Pothos plant survive with these very small care tips.

How to care for a Vining Pothos Plant?

  1. Make sure you use good quality of soil/potting mix to plant a pothos. Check the soil for good drainage capacity.
  2. Water it only if the upper 1-2 inch of the soil has dried. If you see more than 2 inch of the soil dry, You have waited more than enough to re-water the plant. Water it till the water is drained from the pot(in cases with soil having high drainage capacity).
  3. If you see any yellow leaf on your plant, it could be a sign of you over watering your Pothos.
  4. Pothos is very compatible to grow in bright indirect sunlight. Avoid full shade or full sunlight for you plant.
  5. Pothos can grow upto 10 feet tall in height indoors, if your's  doesn't show any further growth, It may be the signals plant is giving you to say good bye to the old pot and re-pot it in a new bigger one.

Want to know more about this plant? Tell us in the comments and we will make a detailed article on it.

Arrowhead vine: 

Arrowhead vine plant doesn't seem like a vining plant right? Arrowhead plant at it's initial age looks like other self-dependent houseplants but, as it grows, it initiates vining and climbing. Arrowhead plant is gorgeous viney houseplant anyone would love.

4 best vining plants no-one can resist complementing
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Arrowhead, as the name says, is a plant with big leaves with arrow like shape in the initial age. As the Arrowhead plant starts to mature,it's leaves start to change their shape from arrow type to 3 finger and then 5 finger shape.

Plants like arrowhead that are not fully viney are suggested to be kept in a hanging pot or in a normal pot with a support for it as it grows. To take proper care of an Arrowhead plant, follow these care tips

  1. Arrowhead plants come in many varieties and each of them have different sunlight requirement, but you can put any of them in bright indirect sunlight. Avoid putting in direct sun. Direct sunlight can hurt the plant and affect it. Direct sunlight can cause burns on the plant.
  2. Let the soil dry before re-watering, don't wait for much time, just like the Pothos, you can go for watering it when the top 1-2 inch part gets dried out.
  3. Arrowhead plant is very fond of humidity and loves places with good amount of humidity. For that, you can either go for a humidifier or some other ways of humidifying.
  4. This plant's root grow spreading so it may need to be re-potted once a year or 2.

Sweet potato vine houseplant

Yes, sweet potato makes a sweet and amazing vining ornamental indoor as well as an outdoor plant too. The thing that attracted me the most about this plant is that, you can grow it anywhere you want it to grow. 

4 best vining plants no-one can resist complementing
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You can go for both indoor and outdoor planting with this plant. Not only that, you can use this ornamental plant to decorate the floor/ground too. Amazing versatile-ness right? 

This plant can be propagated very easily by parts like, stem cutting, eye-buds and tubers. Also this plant is very easy to plant and to take care of. As I rate it, it's a beginner to intermediate level plant. Planting it will not require much experience just 5-6 months of experience on planting and caring is more than enough for this plant.

How to care for a Sweet Potato Vine Houseplant?

  1. Caring for a sweet potato plant is not rocket science, every one can do it by just a little information and experience. Follow the below Caring tips:
  2. Watering this plant frequently is awesome but the soil and the pot must be a good draining ones. Having the soil a little moisture is good for the plant but try not to make it soggy.
  3. This plant is ok with less watering and isn't too picky for the watering. Still I recommend watering it frequently as frequent watering can make it grow better.
  4. Sweet potato vine plant loves to take sunbaths and is also comfortable with the low light areas of the house. You can freely place it anywhere you want. But direct or bright indirect sunlight areas are better than less/ dim indirect sunlight.
  5. Prune occasionally as it grows enough. This caring tip helps the plant get bushier and grow better.

Want to learn more about this plant? have a look at this article from my fellow gardening bloggers on Sweet Potato Plant Care, thank me later  ; )

Vining Philodendron

4 best vining plants no-one can resist complementing

Seems familiar , doesn't it?

Yes you guessed it very right, Vining Philodendron is the plant I mention earlier in the blog. Most of the time, people mistake this plant as Pothos but It's philodendron.

Philodendron comes in 2 varieties (as I know). The one that doesn't vine and the other is the Vining Philodendron. Philodendron have leaves that looks just like the leaves of a Pothos and are often mistaken for that.

Vining Philodendron makes a good window or balcony decorator as it needs indirect sunlight. Want to know about it's care? Here, read the below tips for better plant health.

  1. As I said earlier, the vining Philodendron is not fond of direct sunlight and is perfectly comfortable with indirect bright sunlight. Medium bright indirect sunlight is also good but avoid direct sunlight as it can cause many of the plant's leaves turn yellow.
  2. Watering habit of the vining Philodendron is almost same with the Vining Pothos but not exactly the same. You can re-water this plant after the upper 2.5 - 3 cm/ 1 inch of the soil has dried.
  3. Occasionally fertilize the plant with liquid fertilizer. 
  4. Want to know more about this plant? Comment us we will write a detailed blog on the plant.
Wanna Fall in love with flowering houseplants? Here check the best houseplants that really flower beautiful flowers.

vining peperomia

Peperomia is one of the viney house plants, with dark green leaves. This is a short houseplant with reddish purple stems.

Beautiful heart shaped leaves beautifies it's look more. Perfect decorative plant for home.

This vine houseplant can grow up to 2 inches in height and more then 8 inches in wide.

4 best vining plants no-one can resist complementing

Vining Peperomia has many type of species and in  different species leaf shape varies heart shaped, oval shaped, lance shaped. But the only thing the flowers of the plant is same in all species.

It needs a good time of space to completely drying out between the waterings. Before re-watering the soil of the pot should totally dry.

It doesn't need excess amount of watering. Watering the plant when the soil completely dry. It's a good process for watering care.

This is one of the low light vining plants, bright and indirect sunlight is best for the peperomia growing, be careful about the direct sunlight in summer, direct sunlight may harm the leaves.

For a good amount of sunlight and light duration, you can place it in an east facing or a west facing window.

Flowering of Peperomia as an indoor is very rare.

As it is a small plant and it grow fast in bright, indirect sunlight, you can fix a place where it do not face direct sunlight.

Use a curtain on window for the best indirect sunlight, you can place the plant in balcony, in a hanging pot for better looks and for the best growing of the peperomia vines.

Peperomia is a good air purifier, as studied by NASA. It was studied that this plant reduces the amount of formaldehyde from air to an huge extent of 47%.

Excellent look with best beneficial qualities, buy this plant for a better experience in your home. 

Rex begonia/cissus discolor

Cissus discolor/ rex begonia is a viney plant. It's popular for it's broad and beautiful leaves that gives a amazing look to the plant. 

Rex begonia vining plant/ Cissus discolor

Leaves are of dark green color with printed design that gives a unique look to it. 

It has oval shape leaves with silver and purple shades. 

This rex begonia vine needs a sufficient amount of watering and make sure that the soil do not completely dry before Re-watering. This are the basic needs of watering. 

This plant is best in wet soil, it is best for the plant fast growth. 

It needs a bright and indirect light shade of sunlight. Place the plant where it get a bright and indirect sunlight and keep away the plant from direct sunlight, It may harm to the plant. 

This is a tall plant, it grows fast. 

Cassius discolor is a flowering plant, but the flowers comes rarely in this plant. One of the good way to get the flower is cutting and take care properly. 

This rex begonia is a little/mild toxic. It can harm your pets and children so keep away your pets and children from this plant. 

As an indoor plant it grows good in normal room temperature, so you can place the plant anywhere you want. 

Recommend places are near windows, but not at the face of direct sunlight, you can use a curtain for indirect and filtered sunlight, also you can place it near balcony, Hall, drawing room etc. 

Buy the plant for better indoor decorations and a stunning look. 


These were few of the best indoor viney houseplants loved by most of the people. These are not the only viney plants, in-fact there are many not listed in this list. Want to know about them? tell us in the comments and we will bring you another part with 7 more indoor viney plants.

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