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Ornamental Plants: What and Which? 5+ Best Ornamental Plants listed

Ornamental plants described in detail along with the list of best 5+ Ornamental plants you can go for. Best show plants in the market listed

Hey!!! Do you want to decorate your Home with the Show plants and Ornamental Plants like a pro? 

Then, here you are, in this blog we are going to share some basic knowledge about the Ornamental plants and some beautiful examples of ornamental plants in this blog.

Don't forget to tell us your knowledge about these plants in the comments. We are eager to hear from you...

What are Ornamental Plants?/ Definition of Ornamental Plants 

Ornamental plants are those pants which are only use for decorative purpose or for displaying. This is a short definition for ornamental plants. 

Basically people prefer this kind of plants as their houseplants, garden plants etc. Look wise these ornamental plants are really amazing than others. 

Ornamental plants are specially separated for unique and beautiful look, that's why people prefer them mostly for Displaying.

Like the insects, we people are also attracted by the beautiful flowers and unique plants, our eyes always funds of beautiful things and it gives us happiness. 

Scientifically if you want to know then I want to tell you that it comes in the study of floriculture and nursuring, which is a broad branch of horticulture. 

Many types of ornamental plants are present, here we can't go for all of them but i can provide some names and about some ornamental plants for you. 

Some ornamental plants name/ some examples of ornamental plants:

  1. Silver dollar plant
  2. Chinese monkey plant
  3. Oxalis
  4. Zz plant
  5. Donkey tail plant
  6. String of pearls
  7. Jade plant
  8. Tillandsia

Some Show Plants You can go for:

Snake plant:

Snake plant is one of the most known names in the ornamental plants. As the name defines, tha plants has long flat leaves. Snake plants come in different varieties that we call species. All of them are used as a decorating plant. The best part is that this plant can decorate both the indoor as well as outdoor. But I would recommend it as better indoor plant as it is a very good air purifier.

Peace Lily:

If I say like the memers or other people on internet, Peace lily is what Peace would look like if it had a body...

Peace lily in real depicts the peace and beauty. It also bears beautiful white flowers and flat large leaves.


Croton is also known with it's scientific name,'Codiaeum variegatum'. I know this name doesn't seem familiar, but the plant is when you see it. It has a woody stem covered with large leaves having colors like green, yellow and even reddish yellow.

This plant is also an indoor as well as outdoor plant and looks amazing in both the places. For this plant the decision is on you wheather you want to decorate it inside or outside the house.

Golden Barrel Cacti:

Golden barrel Cacti is one of the most elegant and classy looking cacti. Unlike other cacti species it doesn't grow into several nodes and inter-nodes. All there this plant has is a spherical green stem with beautiful spines having golden color. It will enhance the look of your desk or shelf with a beautiful black or brown designed pot.


This name seems familiar, doesn't it? Yes, you guessed it right, it is the one with the triangular and purple leaves. This plant is also referred as False Shamrock or the Love Plant.

Actually the triangular ones are a part of the leaf rather than being the leaves. The Three triangular parts joined together at the petiole actually form a leaf.

Oxalis is unique because of it's different shape and color of the leaves. It makes a beautiful combination which at the end makes the scene look elegant and beautiful...

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