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13+ best planters/planting pots for decorating your home with plants- Plantilia

Here are the most loved 13+ planters/ planting pots everyone should have, to decorate their beautiful home. Adorable planters for indoor plants.

Hey buddy, Are you searching for a pot for your plant recently? Do not worry about that from now, cause we got you covered. In this blog there are 13+ planting pots. All of them were chosen and are great in the job they are supposed to do.

In this blog we are also gonna talk about some topics, every planter should know. And it's about the plant and the planters.

13+ best planters/planting pots for decorating your home with plants- Plantilia

Do I need a pot to plant?

The answer to this question varies according to many factor like the plant type, plant decoration type etc.

Firstly, If you have a plant that is small, you need a planting pot. Not only to keep the plant separate but also to keep it safe from the bigger plant and the nutrition-stealer plants/grasses.

It is also needed to keep an eye on the tiny ones separately from the other plants. A pot is what catches our eyes among all the plants, which indeed makes it easier to notice the problems with the smaller plants.

If you have bigger plants, you may or may not use a planting pot, it's completely upon you. 

If you have indoor plants and planted them indoors, you should use pots. But there isn't any compulsion to do so, because I've seen many people developing whole gardens inside their houses without even using a single pot.

How can I create a tiny garden inside my house without planting pots?

Yup! that's right, you can grow plants inside your house without even using pots. You can do it by just sectioning a small part of your house and separate it from the rest of the house with tiny boundary of height 6 inch (15 cm) to 1 feet(30 cm). Just fill soil inside the boundary along with some bio-fertilizers (if you have) or some potting mix.

Boom! Your indoor garden is ready, Start to plant and care for those tiny cuties.

Note: Don't forget to choose a good part of your house for your plants, which gets enough sunlight and gets a lot of breeze. Because, the plants love breeze and it makes them feel happy as our favorite snacks make us.

What shall I look for in a planting pot?

It is pretty easy to choose a planting pot. You need to look for the two things in a pot. The first thing that you need to see is the drainage system. A well developed drainage system helps the plant to get rid of the extra water. which indeed helps in better growth of the plant.

The second thing you need to look for in a plant is the size. Planting pot makers are versatile about the sizes of the pots. You need to find a pot that will be 2 to 4 inches (2 inches is approximately equal to 5 cm) bigger than the root system of the plants.

You shall change the pot once it gets congested for the plant.

How can I choose the best pot for my houseplant?

I would say, i's not that difficult to do so. You firstly need to make sure, what type of plant do you have, I mean can your plant tolerate some extra water(muddy bottom) or is it likely to get rotten with a little extra amount of water?

If you have the first type of plant that is your plant can tolerate some extra water, you can go for literally any kind of pot in terms of drainage of water. If you have the other type of plant, you should go for the pots with well drainage systems.

List of 13+ best planting pots

Football like ceramic pot from Ugaoo:

Football like ceramic pot from Ugaoo

Color: Orange, Material: Ceramic

This one is a pot made by Ugaoo, one of the leading companies in indoor plants industry. This pot does have a hole in the bottom to drain the extra water. It is in this list of best planting pots for indoor plants because of some special reasons too. 

The first thing that made it stand out is the material used for making this pot. This pot is made from Ceramic, whose glossy finish makes it look absolutely fabulous. The second thing is that it is a compact planting pot, which makes it look adorable too.

So basically, if you are thinking of something that will look awesome but also take some less space on your desk, You shall put this in your cart.

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Ceramic pots from Leafy Tales:

Ceramic pots from Leafy Tales

Color: Multiple colors, Material: Ceramic

The next planting pot in the list is not a single item, instead it's a combo of different planting pots with different colors and shapes.

In this combo, you will find a diversity among the shapes and colors. There are 4 different types of shapes available in the combo. The available shapes in the list are, conical, urn(with a narrow upper part and honeycomb like pattern on the outer surface), urn(normal), Polygon.

You can choose the shape you want to go for and also choose the color. There are 4 options(4 color variants) to choose from, if you are going for the Urn shaped(honeycomb pattern). Whereas, there are 2 options for the conical and Urn shaped(different number of pots in the variants). You will get to choose from 3 different variants if you go for the Polygon shaped.

There is a drainage hole in the bottom of the planter, which is a great thing for planters. The pots come in different shapes and sizes which makes it diverse. The best part about these plants is that, they are made for decorating the house. You can choose the plants, which can tolerate a little extra amount of water to plant in these pots.

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Turtle Shaped Ceramic Pot Set of 4 from Leafy Tales:

Turtle Shaped Ceramic Pot Set of 4 from Leafy Tales

Color: Multiple colors, Material: Ceramic

This one, like the one before, is also a combo pack of beautiful turtle shaped planting pots. Yup! you heard that right, this one is a turtle shaped tiny pot for small houseplants. If you have plants that are in the early stages of their beautiful life, you can make them stay in this beautiful pot to enhance their charm.

Once again, they are made from ceramic, which makes them a great choice for decorating the house. And because, they have the turtle shape with a tiny size, they look too winsome.

In this combo of planting pots, you will get 4 adorable tiny pots with different colors. There is also option for purchasing a single pot(single color). If you are searching for any small/tiny planting pot for your little plant, you should definitely check this one out.

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Natural, Dry grass planting pot from Habere, India:

Natural, Dry grass planting pot from Habere, India

Color: Light Brown, Material: Dry Grass/ Sea Grass

The next one in the list is not basically a planting pot, it's a basket made from dry grass, by Habere India. The best part about this basket is that, it is fully organic and made from dry grass. And they start to make it after you place the order, so probably, it could take about an day to make one for you and then pack and dispatch yours.

The next best about this multipurpose planting pot is that, it helps the small growing industries from small Villages and cities of India. Basically, it kind of encourages the traditional skills hidden inside India.

If you are looking for something that is natural and is great in decorating the house, You will love this one.

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Unique Planting pot by Mariner's Creations:

Unique Planting pot by Mariner's Creations

Color: White, Material: Ceramic

What I liked the most about this one is the shape of this pot, the pot is designed as Buddha's head, which subconsciously creates a peaceful environment in our mind. With the first glace of it, I fell in love with it's beauty.

There is another variant of the planter/ planting pot too. The other variant is a bird shaped planting pot. Saying honestly, the bird variant of the planter doesn't look that good as compared to the Buddha ones.

If you want to go for a planting pot/ planter medium in size and looks eye-catching, You may like this one.

Note: Through this pot, I don't want to hurt anyone's/ any community's feeling, I are just reviewing the products in the list.

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Planting pot by Garbnoire:

Planting pot by Garbnoire

Color: Multi-color, Material: platic

The next plant in the list is one of the biggest in the list. The only drawback with it is that it is made from Plastic, which is not ecofriendly. But there's a twist, this planting pot is made from high quality plastic, which is more flexible and durable than the normal ones. Also the plastic used in making this pot is better from an ecofriendly perspective.

The best part about this planter/ planting pot is that, it comes with an awesome looking drainage system. Which indeed will help your plant deal with the extra water. Also sometimes these drainage systems are great indicators for watering.

There are 2 color options available on this one. The first color, that you get is camel and the other is Ivory. I personally liked the ivory one more than the camel colored. So if you have a bigger plant, you should go for this one.

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Small bowl planters from Lasaki:

Small bowl planters from Lasaki

Color: Multi-colored, Material: Ceramic

As the name says, they come in only one shape that is the bowl shape. There are 6 color options for this planter. I personally liked the brown and multicolored ones more than the other ones. The brown one looks like it's made from mud and is natural.

All of them are made from ceramic, which indeed enhances it's looks. Another best part is that this planter comes with an in-built drainage hole at the bottom part of it. Also the size of the planter as I guess is pretty good for many of the plant sizes. Neither too big nor too small for your plant.

If you are searching for a planter/ planting pot with minimal design and awesome looks, this could be a perfect match for your expectations.

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White flower pots from Rionto:

White flower pots from Rionto

Color: White, Material: High-Quality Plastic

These pots are of milky white colors, simple designed with glossy exterior finishing. This is a pack of four white pots. This round shape pots looks so cute and amazing. Its looks very standard, I personally recommended that these pots are perfect for a standard home decorations.

Each weight is of 30 grams, Size of these pots are just amazing as you can see, good for almost plant types. these are made up of plastics, so it is very hard to broken and durable.

It has a modern minimalist look and it gives a visual representation like ceramic styled. 

amazing for decorate window, living room, kitchen, office, bedroom, shelf, garden etc. Four pots are available in a reasonable price. overall these are really amazing, so must go for this one.

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Ceramic pot with jade plant with combo Diwali gifts from Rolling nature:

Ceramic pot with jade plant with combo Diwali gifts from Rolling nature

Color: White, Material: Ceramic

This a good luck jade plant with a pot combo gift pack of Diwali with a big greeting card with Diwali wishes with two Diyas in a box. 

When we talk about the pot, This is a white color oval shape pot with a glossy finishing. This is a ceramic pot that gives a enhanced look to your interior. More interesting thing is it comes with a good luck jade plant, this is an amazing plant.

Want to know more about Jade Plant? Check this blog on Jade plant care and tips

This is a perfect pot with plant for your interior decoration. in this Diwali go for this one an enjoy this combo gift box. 

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Multicolor plant pot with metal stand from vudy store:

Multicolor plant pot with metal stand from vudy store

Color: Multi-colored, Material: Metal

This is a multicolor printed plant pot with metal stand, It gives a standard look with the metal stand also no worry about any assemble problem. The amazing thing is this metal stand is rust free.

The pot has a bowl shape with a great finishing. The pot designed like wood and it's print gives a modern look to the pot.

This one is the best decorative planting pot for indoor decorations. you can decorate it in your bedroom, hall, drawing room, bathroom, office, living room, wall shelves, windows, balcony, garden etc.

It gives a great look after placing any succulent, flower plant, cactus on it.

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Football ceramic pot from Ugaoo:

Football ceramic pot from Ugaoo

Color: Blue, Material: Ceramic

This is a football shaped plant pot. It is of glossy blue color with great finishing touch.

As we know this is a ceramic pot, this enhance it's look more amazing. It has a perfect size for almost indoor plants. Quality of this pot is really fabulous. It's glossy and shinny look attract towards it more. 

This pot has a football like design on it's body, that gives a standard look to your interior. It is perfect for your living room, drawing room, kitchen, dining room etc.

It is neither too small nor too big for your indoor plants, you can place any type of flower plant, succulents, cactus and many more types of plants. Overall it has a great and attractive look.

Must recommended for this beautiful planting pot.

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Hand Shaped ceramic Planter/ planting pot from Lasaki:

Hand Shaped ceramic Planter/ planting pot from Lasaki

Color: Cupprish-brown, Material: Ceramic

The thing that attracted me the most in this one, is the design. Simple but unique enough to attract the attention of anyone. And I can definitely say, your guest and you will have an extra topic to discuss on after you place this one at home.

Definitely it's a Indoor planter for tiny to medium plants and will be a great choice to go for. Just like the planters listed above, this one too has a drainage hole at the bottom.

If you are searching for some particular themed planter or something pretty different from the ones available in the market, Make sure to check this one out.

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Metal Planters/ Planting pots from Ecofynd:

Metal Planters/ Planting pots from Ecofynd

Color: Multi-colored, Material: Metal

This one in the list of my personal favorites by the way. This metal planter looks way classier and rich than any of the other ones above. It will definitely give an elegance to your home.

There are 3 color options available in this one. One with white, another with black and lastly the golden one. But unfortunately, there are not any drainage holes in this one, so you shall go for the plants that can handle some extra water.

This planter, comes in a set of 2, which makes it a great deal indeed. Also the prices are pretty low right now.

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Key Takeaways:

All of the planters in the list have awesome looks and come in different sizes. Also, you get the options to choose from a variety of shapes and colors too. Now, it's upon you on how you would like your planter to be. Choose the one that fits your expectations and is best for your plant at the same time. And the one you are left with is the one you shall go for.

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