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How to take care of a jade plant indoors- Plantilia

Here's a fool-proof guide on How to take care of a Jade plant indoors which actually helps you do so. Learn the secrets of growing Jade Plant indoors.
How you can Grow your Jade plant indoors

Want to know how you can grow a healthy Jade plant indoors? No worries, I got you.

Jade is one of the most common and a well known type of plant. Especially among beginners like me and you. With such a popularity, still there are very few articles on the internet that actually tell you how you can grow a jade plant.

Some of them work while others are just useless advices. But growing a Jade becomes more and more difficult if you are a beginner and want to plant your Jade indoors.

In this blog, I am going to share how you can do so.

Choosing the right place indoors for your Jade plant:

First things first, choosing the right place for your Jade plant inside your home is very important. A good place can take things to whole another level.

Choosing the right place is not that difficult.

Just observe and find the place that get bright indirect sunlight. It could be a window or a balcony or it could also be a terrace. Whichever place gets good amount of sunlight is great.

Also make sure, the place gets enough hours of lights. It should not be like a place that gets good amount of sunlight but only for 2 hours or less.

Chosen? Let's get ahead with the next step.

Jade Plant decorated on a beautiful window with an amazing scene
Photo by Owen Yin on Unsplash

Getting a Jade plant:

This step is easy and simple.

Have a friend that has Jade plant? Ask them to propagate a tiny one for you. They will definitely give one to you. You can also do it by asking them for a Jade cutting and growing it.

Don't have a friend that has Jade plant?

No worries, you can purchase one. Yes, you can do so.

Visit your nearest Nursery and ask them for a Jade plant and you will get one for a very few bucks.

Note: Jade plant saps cost less than grown ones.

Done getting a Jade plant? Let's get started with growing it healthier and more beautiful.

Choosing the right planter:

Choosing the right planter for your plant is very much important. A right planter will hold the perfect amount of water and allow the plant to grow freely, whereas a imperfect one can lead to lesser or ceased growth of the plant.

There's a trick to find the best planter for your plant. Here it is,

Whenever you are purchasing a planter for your plant, choose one that is up to 1 to 2 inches bigger than the root system of plant. It doesn't always work, but it works quite well for most.

Also try changing the planter every 1 to 2 years.(It depends) But it doesn't literally mean "every 1 or 2 years". I mean to say, if you feel any kind of abnormal decrease in growth of plant, make sure you check the size of the planter.

Beautiful Jade plant decorated on a simple table that is looking elegant as well as amazing
Photo by Kyla Henry on Unsplash

Watering a Jade plant indoors:

This is one of the questions most people get stuck at.

Not because they don't know how to do so, but because of the frequency and amount of water they should use to do so.

I would say, they best and the worst part about growing a Jade indoors is the watering.

It will help the plant grow perfectly, if done correctly and could result in ceased and lesser growth, if done carelessly.

I recommend to water the plant only if the top part of the soil seems dry. Whenever it is watered, make sure to water until the water is drained through the drainage holes of the planter.

But the amount and frequency is never accurate for any plant and can only be figured out by testing. Also, avoid over-watering and under-watering. These two are one of the most harmful for them.

Check your Jade plant regularly:

Checking Your plants is good for them. Plants can get infected by some pests or other diseases that could make them unhealthy. Also by checking regularly, you can identify early symptoms of possible pests or diseases.

Sometimes, we don't check our indoor Jade plant that much and after sometime, it starts to show yellow leaves or rotted roots. By regularly checking your indoor Jade plant, you can stop these problems from growing bigger before they affect your indoor Jade plant.

Prune your indoor Jade plant:

For the best growth, pruning your indoor Jade plant with professional pruning/ cutting tools is important. Their might be a question in your mind, "how on earth will cutting my Jade plant make them grow better?"

Want to know? Check how pruning actually helps your indoor Jade plant grow better in the blog.

Beautiful Jade Plant decorated beside a bed looking amazing and prosperous.
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Diagnose your indoor Jade plant from diseases:

There are some conditions your Jade plant might be facing and you might not even notice.

You can check some of the problems people faced with their Jade plant in our Jade plant care and tips blog, so make sure you check that out and solve the issues your Jade plant has(if there are any).

Schedule everything about your Jade plant:

Scheduling everything about your Jade plant will make it easier for you to remember your stuff.

It also makes it easier for you to take necessary care of your plant without even disturbing your own schedule.

Scheduling everything with a calendar and a pen will help you out. You can have it marked and cross out each task on it. You can create your own type of schedule that is suitable for you.

Key Takeaway:

Growing Jade plant indoors is not that of a big deal. The thing that makes it difficult is the lack of guides.

With proper guidance you can grow a beautiful and healthy Jade plant at home easily. Jade plant is very easy to grow and care.

Follow the steps we discussed about and enjoy your new companion. Also, if you are facing any problems, make sure you follow this guide to Jade Plants.

Happy planting : )

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