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Indoor Flowering Plants You Need To Check Now- Plantilia

Searching for indoor flowering plants? Here's a list of indoor plants you can have a look at and search for your ideal flowering indoor plant.
Indoor Flowering Plants You Need To Check Now, Plantilia

Hey guys, welcome back to our another blog, here we have bring the second part of flowering plants. Have you not read it's part 1 till now? Then you should check the the part 1 of this blog, that we have already posted.

So here we have some unique and beautiful indoor flowering plants for you. so lets get start.....


Anthurium is a unique flowering plant, it also called flamingo flower. It is up red color, looks so amazing like a well designed plastic flower.

Indoor Flowering Plant Anthurium


It is of heart shaped, it has a waxy and glossy texture. On the middle of the flower a yellow colored spike is obtained.

It varies in shape in different species but it found lance shaped in maximum types of species.

The attractive colored thing that we know as it's flower, actually it is not it's flower, the flower is bloom on the center of it from that spike like structure.

So it is really a interesting one, which you can placed in your home. Also it creates a great impact in the interior.


It need a moderate amount of watering, water the plant when 60-75℅ soil is dry. Watering between 2 to 3 days is good for it.

Also it needs a good humidity environment.

The sunlight requirement of anthurium is also medium, it needs a medium bright sunlight. It can get the good amount of sunlight near the window, balcony etc.

The good amount of sunlight helps to bloom the flower all over the year, so take care of it.


It is a air purifying houseplants and also it can remove the harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and Ammonia from air.

Gives a very attractive and unique look to your home. 

Anthurium is one of the best indoor houseplant.

Christmas cactus:

Indoor Flowering Plant Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus is a very popular houseplants, looking so beautiful with their attractive colors, also it is a easy to maintain plant. It is a type of cactus, it belongs to the genus cacti.


It blooms bright pink color flower. It look like the branches with the flower hanging down and it looks amazing. 

You can place it in a hanging pot that looks great or in a normal pot it looks amazing also. 

The attractive pink color flower with the green branches hanging towards the earth gives a unique look to your interior.

It generally blooms in the month of December but it May also bloom in between March and May.


It needs a moderate amount of watering, watering in between 2-3 week is great for it.

Check the soil before watering, the top third part should dry before watering.

It grows beautifully when it placed in a place where it get bright sunlight up to 7-8 hour  and rest of the time it placed in a cool dark place.


It helps to remove CO2 and release oxygen at night which is a great thing for your indoor environment.

Also you can get a great interior look by decorating this beautiful plant.

Most unique and beautiful plant, recommend for you.


Indoor Flowering Plant Poinsettia

This one is the second most favorite indoor plant of mine in this list. Want to know about the most favorite in this list, wait it's coming up.

This one loves to bear flowers for very long time and when taken proper care, can hold flowers up to months.


This one has yellow flowers and beautiful leaves around it which makes it look much more beautiful than any other type of flowers.

Plant is not too big, which helps it grow perfectly inside a house in a small planter. Just make sure you take proper care of it and enjoy the flower's beauty.

But there's a dark side to this too, these plants are very picky about their flowering seasons. So you have to wait till they bloom. But until then, you can check these other flowering plants.


If you are getting this plant in the blooming season, make sure you get the one with little yellow flowers in the center. Also, while bringing the plant home, cover it.

Make sure you water it, when the upper part of the soil feels dry on touching. Don't water it too much and also use planters with drainage holes to make sure, you don't over water it even accidentally.

This plant needs a 6 hours of indirect sunlight, so choose any place accordingly.


Poinsettia plant has it's own medicinal properties which makes it an awesome and must have indoor plant. Also like any other plant, it produces Oxygen and also maintains a toxin free environment around the house.

African Violet:

Indoor Flowering Plant African Violet

This is another plants in this list that is in my favorite list, but it's not the first one though. I like this one a lot, because of the color of the flowers and the beauty that it glitters with.


This plant bears beautiful violet colored flowers which sometimes comes in very light or a little darker shades of violet. They are also caught having white flower sometimes.

The plant is a tiny one and is perfect for a little table or window.


This plant needs bright indirect sunlight and slightly moist soil around it's roots, so make sure it gets these. This plant when taken care of properly can live up to decades and flower too. Also plants in this species flower pretty much regularly.


The looks. The looks of this plant are just a Wow factor and can't be underestimated.

Also this plant is capable of producing oxygen and maintaining a toxins-free calm environment.

Peace Lily:

Indoor Flowering Plant Peace Lily

So, here's the one that I was talking about before. My personal favorite flowering plant in this list. The beauty of this plant is just unmatchable and one of a kind.


This plant has beautiful green leaves align with ling straw like stems. The flower is white in color and has a very unique structure.

I would say, this one is an proof of How beautiful this nature can be sometimes. I've felt the feeling of unsatisfaction after having a detailed glance of it and wanted to adore it's beauty again and again.

Just after I saw it for the first time, I became speechless and the first thing that came out of my mouth was the word "Magnificent".


With this plant, you don't need to care too much about "caring". It can withstand that very well. With a decent care, it can live up to years.

Do make sure the soil is wet but not too much.


This plant gives an elegant look to the frame. Perfect plant for any corner or near-wall decoration idea.

Also this plant filters out some of the toxins present in air and also is known for better indoor environment.

Key Takeaway:

So here were some flowering indoor plants you shall check now.

Also, while choosing a flowering plant for your home, make sure you can care for it atleast to the need of the plant.

Another thing is "Patience", if you have that, well and good, but if you don't make yourself understand that it takes time for everything to happen. And it will definitely take some to bloom a beauty too. Make sure you get enough patience in mind and plant a sap.

Happy Planting : )

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