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Why Houseplants as Décor are a Great Idea than any other item? Plantilia

Most people prefer houseplants over other stuff, when it comes to decorating their home. Know why? No problem, check the reasons here. Plantilia
Different types if indoor plants decorated on a table
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Have you wondered how much craze is there for using plants as Décor among people. I guess you would have, that's why we are here, Right?

You do not have any idea, how much people, these days, are crazy about decorating their homes with houseplants and all.

Many of the plants are used for doing so. Each has it's own reason to be planted and never to forget unique-ness in itself.

But, Have you ever wondered "WHY?" or something like, "Why are these plants are being so overrated?"

I guess so. Let's look at the reasons behind "Why Do People Think Indoor Plants as Décor are a Great Idea?"

If you are a skimmer, here's a Summary of the whole thing bullet pointed.

  1. Plants look classier than any other type of décor.
  2. With plants, everyday, a new view is there.
  3. Doesn't cost you so much money.
  4. You get attached to it.
  5. They come in a variety of sizes.
  6. Every plant is unique in itself.
  7. Doesn't cause any harm to the environment.
  8. Plant indeed produces oxygen and keeps the indoor environment cool and clean.
  9. Plants are necessary for the future of "Us".

Now, here's what we are for, The reasons diffusely explained:

Plants look classier and more beautiful than the other types of décor:

Definitely, Plants look classy when decorated properly.  But when you do it perfectly, plants look way cooler and elegant than any other kind of decoration. Imagine having a classy table with a Mac on and a plastic multi-colored, flashy show-piece on it.

It will not look appealing and classy.

But imagine the same scene having a tiny Jade plant with dark green leaves on the table. Will not that attract you more than the other setup with a plastic show-piece? It definitely will.

Not only on the desks, but the plants will nail it at any of the scenarios you can ever imagine. Maybe, you shall have a try instead.

With Plants, everyday, there's a new thing to appreciate:

The fact that plants grow everyday, explains it all.

Having a non-living thing like a beautiful vase or a metal showpiece decorated somewhere in your house could be awesome. But the fact that we, humans get bored from looking at the same thing again and again, can never be denied.

If you are looking at something that is stable for a very long time, I can say you will get bored with it after some period of time. There will be a time, when you will no longer give attention to it.

But what will be the same scene with a indoor décor plant? You will definitely have a look at it, every time you pass by it. Every single day there will be a curiosity of seeing some changes on your plant.

You will appreciate the beauty every time a new leaf grows. The small changes and the curiosity of seeing the changes makes plant more exciting than any other décor item. And even after years you will appreciate the beauty of the plant.

Four different houseplants decorated in a beautiful scene
Photo by Luther.M.E. Bottrill on Unsplash

Plants don't cost you much money:

As compared to any other décor items, plants do not cost much money. Even if there's any cost, that will be negligible as compared to the costs of any other.

Firstly, plants cost pretty less when bought. If you are not willing to spend money on buying one, still it's ok if you have any friend having the plant you want. You can get you decoration done by just learning how to propagate the species of the plant you want to plant.

In the other hand, some of the décor items alone make the costs so high that we can't even imagine decorating with that. Even if the purchasing cost is less, you may need to pay a lot of bucks on managing or maintenance of that product.

Which proves plants being a better option than other décor stuff in case of costs.

You get attached to it emotionally:

After spending some months with your non-living decorations, will it make you feel connected to itself? I guess the answer is "NO" in 99.99% of the cases, unless the stuff is gifted by someone special or has some sweet memories.

But with an actual living plant, many people like me, get connected. The plant we spend time with becomes a part of our life. We spend time with it. Some even talk to the plants too. They share their feelings to the plants and in many of the cases, the person feels a bit relaxed.

Though the conversation will be an one-sided conversation, still they are more relaxing than having some non-living décor objects around you all the time.

I know, this point sounds pretty much silly and useless, but it happens. And it feels magical. As the time will pass, you will fall in love with your plants and then, this thing happens.

Plants come in different sizes:

This point is a very obvious one, but is it that simple?

Let me explain it to you. Imagine you like a normal décor item, but it's bigger than you want it to be. And the problem is, the manufacturer doesn't manufacture any other sizes. What will you do in that case? I guess the only option left is using a "small light" from the "Doraemon" series.

But if you are liking a plant species, you will definitely get a smaller or bigger plant of the same species, if the size you see is not good for you. You also  have different sizes of planters to decorate with.

With this, you can decorate any part of your home with the same species of plant. Even you can use the same plant to decorate different places in your home with time.

You can use a tiny plant to décor a desk. Also you can use the plant to decorate your living room, when it grows bigger. And the best part is, in both the cases the scene and plant will look different unlike any other décor stuff.

Every plant is unique in itself:

Two houseplants with, white beautiful planters, decorated gloriously on a desk
Photo by freddie marriage on Unsplash

The same rule that applies to us, also applies to plants. No two plants are same in any manner, even if they are from the same species or sub-species.

If you have a showpiece same as your friend's will that count different when seen? Definitely not.

But in case of plants, no-matter whatever you do, but the plants will be unique. 

Doesn't cause any harm to the environment:

The fact of plastic and other non-degradable stuff harming environment is not ignorable at all. In such a time, do you think it will be a great option to use more plastic? I guess your answer will be "NO" too.

Unlike other décor items(made from non-degradable material), plants do not cause any harm to the environment. The planters used can be a harm to the environment but there's an alternative to it too. Smarted ideas like, using Clay planters or dry grass/seagrass planters can be taken into account too. These will eventually make it easier for environment to degrade them(the planters made from clay or seagrass/dry grass).

Plants produce oxygen and maintain a good environment:

Plants produce oxygen and prepare food from the Carbon Dioxide for themselves. Plants not only give us oxygen, but also takes the CO2 we exhale. There are some indoor plants that even give Oxygen in the night.

Many of the indoor plants are capable of purifying air containing high amount of toxins and impurities and make it pure and healthier. 

Plants are necessary for our future:

We all know the importance of plants in the ecosystem. If for 10 seconds, all the plants disappear, there will be huge affects to the whole environment. Plants are one of the main characters of this Ecosystem.

We also know, without plants life would not be like it is now. Plants have done so many things for us and they will indeed do more in the future, if we care for them and save them.

Key Takeaway:

According to me, plants are a great way to decorate around the house, they have so many things better than the other kind of décor items. I have listed just a few things why people consider plants a great décor idea instead of any other.

There are still many reasons we could not list in this blog.

Do you know one? Comment and let me know, what I have left behind and should have added. I will pick the comments with answers and add them in the blog ASAP.

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