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Indoor Plants With Medicinal Benefits -Plantilia

Here's a list of indoor plants that are a must have, if you are a indoor gardener. Add these to your dream gardening plants list and make it better.
Indoor Plants With Medicinal Benefits -Plantilia

Having a plant indoors feels amazing. But, having a medicinal one is even better and in some scenarios is the best thing if you are not a plant owner but want to get one.

By doing so, you will definitely get extra health benefits apart from getting fresh air and a good vibe around your house.

Planting medicinal plants either indoors or near houses has been an ancient ritual and even there are beliefs about them too.

If you skim through the ancient Indian history, you will get some mentions about these and also in the “Vedas”, you’ll find phrases describing health benefits of plants.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the medicinal plants that you should plant now.

But before that here’s a list of the plants mentioned in the blog.

  1. Holy Basil (AKA Tulsi Briksh)
  2. English Lavender
  3. Aloe Vera
  4. Spearmint
Holy Basil Indoor Plant With Medicinal Properties

1. Holy Basil:

Holy Basil or also known by Its Sanskrit name, “Tulsi” is one of the most beneficial plants in the whole plant kingdom. It has thousands of health benefits.

This plant is known to cure several types of health problems starting from an “acne” to a “Viral fever”. That might seem very common to you. But what I’ll tell you next is not that common.

Holy Basil is also known for curing several skin and allergic problems. I’ve tried this plant with some of my skin problems and it was just more than awesome in doing it’s job.

Holy basil, besides having amazing health benefits, is also a great plant to have in front of your main door(Home or Office) according to “Vastu”.

Also, eating 2 to 5 Basil leaves each day, makes you immune to several viral diseases. So make sure you don’t miss this plant.

English Lavender Indoor Plant With Medicinal Properties

2. English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia

Lavendula angustifolia commonly called English lavender, lavender, true lavender, garden lavender, narrow-leaved lavender and common lavender etc. 'Lavender' many of you guys already heard this name, this plant comes in the group of top most medicinal plants. 

It contains lots of medicinal properties. Lavender used in many therapy like inhalation therapy for the treatment of nervous disorders. It broadly used in herbal preparation, in your essential oil and many more. It is very effective to prevent depression, anxiety, sleeplessness. A great thing about it that lavender can prevent from fungal infections it used as a candidate also it used for joint and muscle pain. 

Lavender is a flowering plant, it's purple colored flowers looks stunning. This is a low maintenance plant, easy to care. Every year it's flower comes for 3 to 5 year. Lavender is a profitable crop. It's a very essential popular medicinal plants.

Aloe vera Indoor Plant With Medicinal Properties

3. Aloe vera

It is A very popular house plant and this plant known as a medicinal plant. This plant has lots of benefits. Many of you also know aloe vera is used for skin care and hair care. It is good for hair growth. It helps in glowing skin and protect your skin from UV radiation. Aloe vera plant filled with antioxidant and vitamins. Also it has antibiotic properties that is really very useful.

Also it reduces blood sugar level and reduce constipation. Regular drinking of aloe vera juice helps to cure almost all type of digestive disorders like acidity, gas, constipation, poor digestion etc.

Aloe vera has a leafy structure, the green leaves are thick, fleshy. A thick jelly like substance present inside inside it and that is the main thing. Teeth like spine are present on the edges of the leaves. It is a succulent plant. It is a easy to maintain indoor plant. One of the best medicinal plant.

Spearmint Indoor Plant With Medicinal Properties

4. Spearmint

Everybody knows about spearmint, used for its freshness, taste, flavor in your home. But many of you don't know that it is belongs to the group of top medicinal plant and it has lots of medicinal properties that we gonna discuss today.

Spearmint commonly called common mint, garden mint, mackerel mint, lamb mint, it is one of the species of mint. Small greenish leaves with refreshing odor. Almost everywhere it can grow easily with a little care.

Spearmint high in antioxidants and antibacterial properties. Good for your skin, increase elasticity, helps to deal with dryness and irritation of skin with a cooling sensation. 
Used in digestive disorders with indigestion and gas.


So these were one of the indoor plants with medicinal properties and I'd also like to share with you that there are thousands of other plants that may come in this list. Wrapping them all up in just one post is impossible, that's why we are going to bring more blogs on such topics.

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Happy Planting : )

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