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Most Popular Indoor Plants- Plantilia

Here are the most known or most popular houseplants of all time. Most popular indoor plants list.

Most Popular Indoor Plants- Plantilia

List of most popular indoor plants(summary):

  1. Jade plant
  2. ZZ plant
  3. Oxalis
  4. Peace Lily
  5. Mass cane
  6. Aloe vera
  7. Spider Plant
  8. Aglaonema
  9. Anthurium
  10. Snake Plant

Planting a décor plant but not getting any compliments from people is a pain in the ass. Most of the time, the reason behind such situations is that they don’t know about the plant you have decorated.

But you can’t just push conversations related to plants randomly, right?

You can just plant those plants that are pretty popular and people feel a connection with them.  By that, the plants will automatically get them into a good conversation with you.

In this blog, I have listed some of the most popular indoor plants that will get you and your company a topic to talk about.

How did we listed these?

First thing first, some plant is known by many people doesn't mean the plant is popular. If too many people love a kind of plant, it'll be seen as a popular plant.

In this list of most famous indoor plants it's possible that I couldn't have covered your favorite plant. If such a mistake happens do let us know in the comments so that we can add your favorite plants in the upcoming posts.

Also, this post is not based on any rankings and is totally random.

Jade Plant:

Jade is one of the most popular plants in this list. Most of the beginners prefer this plant because it's a hard to kill as well as easy to grow plant. Just a little bit of care is more than enough for the Jade plant.

Though this plant doesn't bear any flowers still is very popular among people. If you want to make your room look elegant, it's definitely for you.

If you are a beginner or intermediate in planting, I'd definitely recommend this plant to you. By the way, here's a foolproof guide to care and grow your Jade plant indoor.

ZZ plant:

As the Jade, ZZ plant is also very popular among the beginners. But that doesn't mean it's only loved or planted by beginners. Many plant owners know this plant and absolutely love it.

ZZ plant is famous for the raven color that it has and it looks classy when decorated in any frame.

If you want to plant one at home, check out our blog on "How to care and grow ZZ plant at home".


This one is one of my favorite plants. I just love everything about the plant. The color and shape of the leaves make the plant look unique and beautiful.

The elegance it brings to the scene is just astounding. Anyone will get flattered by the beauty of this plant.

If you want a little plant that blooms occasionally and totally kills the scene, then it's definitely the one.

Peace lily:

Again my most favorite plant is in this list. Just like me there are many fans of this plant. Pease lily looks normal just like any other plant but the flower is what makes it a worth growing.

I can definitely say, your visitors are going to fall in love with this plant. This plant flowers for only a single time in it's entire lifetime but it's completely worth it.

Mass cane:

Many people will say, how come it's one of the most popular plant? I know it's not known by many of the plant owners out there, but this plant will definitely attract your visitor's attention. Also another reason of this plant being in this list is that this plant is loved by most of the people who own it. There are only a few cases when the owner gets any disappointed with this plant.

This plant has a very unique and beautiful shape that attracts people. Also this one is great for indoor decoration. Make sure you check out the plant, if you like it.

 Aloe vera:

Many of you have already heard this name as a natural skin care, hair care etc. Here we are going to talk about more special things about this aloe vera plant.

This plant comes in the group of most popular houseplants. It is one of the most beneficial plants. This popular plant gives many health benefits (Protects skin from UV light and help in glowing skin) beauty benefits and many more. Aloe vera is full of antioxidants and vitamins.

Till this much every one knows, but do you know the medicinal properties of this plant? Make sure to read this blog on "medicinally useful plants". 

It is a very easy to care plant. This succulent plant needs a little more water because it has thick leaves and more sunlight. You can grow an aloe plant from just a leaf. One of the best beneficial plants I have ever seen. 

Spider plant:

It's shape looks like a spider because of it's long trailing stems, that's why it is named Spider plant. It gives a unique look to your interior.

This is a simple, easy to care and unique looking plant. It can grow in moderate sunlight, room temperature and also it doesn't need a huge amount of watering, watering once a week is sufficient for it. 

It is one of the best houseplants, it is popular for decorative purposes, it is a good air purifier, can absorb ozone and remove toxins (experiment by NASA). Great plant with many specialties. 

Have a Spider plant? Here, check out "How you can grow Spider plant like an expert?"


Aglaonema is a great houseplant, great for your interior.  The plant does not like being fully exposed to sunlight , it can easily grow anywhere indoors. This is an easy to care plant. It looks very attractive, it has many beneficial qualities for your room, like it can purify air, removes toxins from the atmosphere, it absorbs CO2 at night, the best oxygen producing houseplant. One of the best plants for the bedroom. Also it increases productivity, good for health. 

Leaves of aglaonema are designed very beautifully, it has patterned leaves with attractive colors that gives a standard transformation to your interior. People in China consider aglaonema to be a lucky plant. Also it is called the Chinese lucky plant and Chinese evergreen. People are attracted by its vibrant different colors. 


One of the best indoor houseplants, easy to care for and easy to grow in an indoor environment. It is a flowering plant, it blooms in between 2 to 3 months in a proper care, also it is called 'flamingo flower'. 

It has an attractive bright red color that looks more amazing with that beautiful heart shape. The flower blooms from the center from that spike-like structure. Anthurium is a unique looking plant different and unique from other houseplants I have ever seen. In enough sunlight anthurium can bloom all over the year. 

It is also a beneficial plant indoors, it can remove toxic chemicals from air like formaldehyde and ammonia. It comes in the list of air purifying houseplants according to NASA. It is considered as a Lucky plant that brings good luck to all relationships. 

Snake plant:

Snake plant is a popular houseplant that easily grows indoors, it can easily grow in low light and is easy to maintain. Many varieties are found on it. It is a little tall plant, it can grow up to several feet tall. Leaves are long strip-like shaped, both side leaf borders are in yellowish color which gives a very attractive look to it. 

It is a great indoor and best beneficial plant, it removes pollutants from air, absorbs CO2 and releases oxygen which is best for your indoor environment. Also it works against allergies. Gives a unique look to your interior, you can place it anywhere you want in your home.


So these were some of the most popular indoor plants. Also this list is not created from seeing the no of fans. Instead we have decided to choose from the most percentage of happy owners of the plants.

 Still there are many plants that are not listed here, but that doesn't mean they ain't capable for holding a place here. It's just that, we have very little or no knowledge about most of the plants.

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Happy planting : )

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