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Best Cactus plants for Indoor Planting-Plantilia

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We see many things but, it doesn't mean all of them are true.

Trust me, we all have been listening this since the day we born. But have you thought about it? Why do people say such? The reason will be clear if we understand it with an example.

But wait, why am I explaining Quotes in the blog? You'd come to know about that later, when we will go to the example.

Talking about the example, let's see a Cacti. What we see from outside is just a green trunk full of spikes. And because of such kind of image, a Cacti is always consider to be bad from the inside too. But it holds water from inside. And the spikes are there to protect it from loosing all the water it has.

And also, cactus make a great company when you are doing something productive and innovative.

Best Cactus plants for Indoor Planting-Plantilia

Want to get a Cactus? Getting a Cacti is not that difficult, but choosing one is what makes it difficult. Don't worry, as I am here to help you with that.

In this blog, I have discussed about some of the best Cactus plants that'll definitely make you a great company.

Bunny Ear Cactus:

As the name suggests, this cactus plant is flat like a rabbit's ears, divided by nodes. The internodes are just flat and have very small spikes on it. Still, keeping a little distance from this little angel is considered to be a good idea.

Bunny Ear Cactus

Apart from the beauty, it is also known for creating a casual vibe around the place it is kept. This makes it a perfect pairing for your beautiful window or balcony.

Other that just the window and balcony, I would also suggest decorating it at some random places like near your doorstep or in the kitchen.

Golden Barrel Cactus:

Golden Barrel Cactus is one of my personal favorite in this list. As the name of the plant tells, it's shaped like a barrel and has golden spikes on it. This one looks so cute and beautiful, that once you see it, you might think of grabbing the whole thing. But make sure you don't grab it like a ball, cause this ball has pretty big spikes on it.

Barrel Cactus

This plant is seen to be growing as huge as a basket ball with very long spikes. But trust me, it's just worth the time.

This plant when small, make the surrounding look calm and professional and also likes to be cared like a pet. So make sure you don't forget to talk to it ; ).

I will recommend you to decorate the shelves and desks with this beauty, as this will just glorify them.

Also, if you have or are going to have any cactus plant in your house, make sure they are a little away from children's reach. Also choose a place that will promote less accidents with the cactus.

Star Cactus:

I am pretty sure, many of us didn't know about some plants named Star cactus does exist. Guess what is one of the most unique part of it, It's one of those endangered plant species. That means this plant is one of the rare plants in the world.

Star Cactus

Though it's an endangered plant species, you can still buy it and grow it at home. Star cactus, when seen from upside, looks like a star. The spikes are pretty small and doesn't seem to be hazardous. Still, I'd recommend not going closer to it.

This plant is tiny and looks minimalistic. Just place it in any place, it highlights the space in it's own way. However, places like desk, tiny lamp tables and shelves are one of the best places you can decorate this girl.

Moon cactus:

This is one of the cutest cactus I ever seen, look at the plant and you definitely fall in love with this pretty look. 

Moon Cactus

Moon cactus available in different colors like red, orange, pink, yellow. These four colors are available in this plant which is a great option on cacti. 

Moon cactus are genuinely looks so cute and pretty. Moon cactus are small in size, approx. 1 to 2 inches in wide. 

On the green stem the rounded colorful structure is present. Lots of spikes are also present on the plant. 

Moon cactus is a proper houseplant, it is totally mutant that's why it has no chlorophyll and it found of different pretty colors. 

Decorate your interior with this one and it gives a cute, unique look to your home. Put the plant on small pots and place them at your favorite place. 

Christmas cactus:

Christmas cactus is more unique than the other one. Flattened segments are connect and form a unique structure which called the stem.

Christmas Cactus

The stem is more look like leaves are connect one after one with one another.

Flowers of Christmas cactus looks very attractive. That reddish flowers are really very pretty.

Reason behind the name Christmas cactus is it's blooming time on northern hemisphere. It also called thanksgiving cactus, holiday cactus and crab cactus, it called crab cactus because of it's teeth like structure on edges like the claws on crab.

Decorate this beautiful fancy plant on your home and make your interior beautiful.

Ladyfinger cactus:

As the name suggests the stem of this cactus is long and narrow like fingers. That's why the name is just like that.

Ladyfinger Cactus: Best Cactus plants for Indoor Planting-Plantilia

This is a very unique and beautiful cactus, the pretty pink flowers with yellow and white center enhance it's whole look. Flowers are large in size with a attractive look. 

Narrow Stems are present in cluster. Flowers bloom abundantly in spring. 

Stems can grow up to 6 inches in length and 1.2 inches in diameter. So it is a short succulent that appropriate for a houseplant. 

Because of it is short you can place it anywhere in your home, only a small place is needed for the cactus. 

Fairy castle cactus:

It's a succulent with numerous upward stems of different heights. Several spines are present on the stem.

Fairy Castle Cactus: Best Cactus plants for Indoor Planting-Plantilia

It's a easy to care indoor cactus for beginners. This plant is popular for beginners. 

The plant is really looks amazing. Put it on a small pot and place it in your favorite place, it just give a unique and standard look to your home. 

You can touch the plant because it has straw like spines but I recommend you not to touch it because it is a little toxic for  humans, cats, dogs. 

You can place it inside your room, in your Drawing room, near the window, in your balcony etc. 

Saguaro cactus:

It's a slow growing cactus, the best thing is that it can live over a period of 150-200 years.

Saguaro Cactus: Best Cactus plants for Indoor Planting-Plantilia

It has waxy, smooth outer layer with long spines. Saguaro cactus found very tall and huge in size in the dessert of USA basically, but for indoor planting it also found in small sizes. 

Place the cactus in a small pot because of it's week root system and take care properly of it's watering. Proper watering is good for the plant and the flowers. 

Decorate your home with this most popular saguaro cactus, you can place it inside your home or in your balcony or at the doorstep as your choice, it looks great in your indoor decoration. 


Cacti are the plants with one of the purest hearts. They may hurt you physically with a spike, but the pureness of their heart is just unmatchable.

These were some of the best cacti plants out there. It depends on you, which one you would like to have a company with.

I hope you'd choose the right company for yourself and enjoy the evenings with it.

Happy Planting : )

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