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Reasons Why Aloe vera Is A Must Have Houseplant

Know Why Aloe vera is a must have plant for every indoor gardener? Also learn how to grow it properly.

Aloe vera is one of the most popular and loved houseplants in the world, especially among the beauty and skin care enthusiasts.

Aloe vera just like Holy Basil is an amazingly useful indoor plant that most gardeners have.

If we check deep into science, we'll find that Aloe vera is a succulent and is very easy to care for. Even a beginner gardener can grow it.

Why you should definitely have an Aloe vera plant

In this blog, we are going to know about some of the best uses you can make with an Aloe vera plant and also we are going to know the best practices while growing an Aloe vera plant.

Benefits of Aloe vera plant:

  1. There are huge health as well as general benefits of Aloe vera.
  2. Aloe vera is a popular medicinal plant and beneficial plant with lots of health benefits, daily uses and many more. 
  3. Aloe vera is used as a skin care and hair care natural product. It helps in glowing skin and in hair growth. And protecting your skin from harmful UV radiation. 
  4. Aloe vera fills with antioxidants and vitamins, also it has useful antibiotic properties ( antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral properties). 
  5. You can use aloe vera to deal with several digestive disorders like poor digestion, acidity, constipation, gas etc. 
  6. Also it can reduce blood sugar level in our body. Intake of aloe vera juice is beneficial for diabetes patients. 
  7. Natural aloe vera gel used to reduce fasting blood sugar level on body. 
  8. Also pure aloe vera juice or gel helps in reducing fats and body weight. You can use aloe vera for weight loss. 
  9. Aloe vera plant is an amazing air purifier. While other plants and animals emit CO2 at night, Aloe vera plant continues to emit Oxygen by taking CO2.

Why you should definitely have an Aloe vera plant

Caring for aloe vera plant:

Aloe vera needs less watering, only 2-3 times in a week is good for it ( when it's soil become dry). Check the soil before re-watering the plant, this the only process by which you know when your plant needs water. 

In sandy soil Or gravelly soil aloe vera grows very well. 

Aloe vera needs minimum 6 to 8 hour of continues sunlight in a day, and it should be indirect sunlight, direct sunlight may harm the plant. 

Place your aloe vera plant in a place where it get maximum time indirect sunlight like in your balcony, hall, near window. Or if direct sunlight is passing through your window then you can use a thin curtain to make indirect sunlight for the plant. 


Here were some of the benefits of Aloe vera plant and a simple guide to grow your Aloe vera plant. I hope this blog helps every-buddy.

Happy Planting : )

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