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Holy Basil(Tulsi): The Priceless Gem of India (How to care and Benefits)

There are many benefits of Tulsi(Holy Basil) plant that the world hasn't yet seen. Here are a few of them and also the instructions to grow them.

If you are from India, you would know this plant very well, although the name might seem a little un-recognized.

Holy Basil in India is commonly known as the "Tulsi" plant. In India , you will find it in front of almost every rural house or temple.

There are different legends about it too. And thousands of lines have been written on them. Still finding all the benefits of this plant at once is definitely impossible.

In the "Vedas" there have been verses and shlokas describing the benefits of the Holy Basil plant.

In this blog, we are going to talk about some of the benefits of this magical houseplant as well as the caring procedure for a healthy Basil plant.

Holy Basil: One of the most beneficial plants ever

Benefits of a Basil plant:

As we've already discussed, there are thousands of benefits of this plant. Some of the benefits are like.

  1. This plant can cure fungal infections on skin.
  2. This plant is also effective to cure pimples when used with Honey(Consult a dermatologist before trying).
  3. The Basil leaves can be used same as a Tea leaf too.
  4. Basil leaves when used in tea along with other special tea herbs, can enhance the taste as well as the health benefits of "tea".
  5. Basil leaves are believed to be the sign of good luck and charm and is also believed to bring prosperity.
  6. This plant is also known for creating a good vibe and environment around the house.
  7. The Holy Basil plant is also useful as a mosquito repellent.
  8. Holy Basil leaf is a natural disinfectant and is also a germicide.
  9. It's said to remove kidney stone, when eaten everyday with an empty stomach.

There are many more benefits that aren't even in the above list. Here's an article, where you'll find many more benefits of the Holy Basil plant.

Holy Basil: One of the most beneficial plants ever

Caring For Holy Basil Plant:

Holy basil needs regular watering which make it's soil moist, moist soil lead to a healthy growing holy basil. But over watering is not good for the plant. Watering every day in summer and after one day in winter is best for a healthy holy basil. 

Holy basil doesn't like direct sunlight, indirect sunlight is good for the growing plant. It need at least 6 to 8 hours of indirect, bright sunlight. 

Keep the holy basil in a place where it get a long time indirect sunlight like you can put the pot in a table, balcony, windows etc. 

Watering and sunlight is must for the holy basil or Tulsi plant. 

Key Takeaways:

Holy basil is a pretty beautiful and useful plant to keep in the household. It's pretty unique on it's own and very helpful when you need it.

This was all about the Holy Basil Plant. In short, it's a must have beneficial plant for every gardener.

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