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List of fast growing plants: Plantilia

Here is a list of the fast growing plants you should look forward to while searching for fast growing ones.

I guess you are searching for the plants that grow fast. And how did I know it? Obviously, google or some other medium has referred you to this platform.

list of fast growing plants

Now proceeding to the blog, in this blog, we are going to talk about some of the best plants for you, if you are looking for something fast growing.

Before Jumping straight into the blog, we shall first learn about fast growth, what fast growth actually is(in case of plants).

What is fast growth rate in case of plants?

Plants take time to grow as we all know. The time taken by a plant to grow to the fullest is called the growth period. Some of the plants can grow very slow, whereas some can grow as fast as inches/day.

There are also plants that can take years being under the ground and once they come out of the ground, they start to grow very rapidly.

List of fast growing plants:

Creeping inch plant:

You might know this plant by it's other names such as the basket plant or the little jewel plant. This plant is one of the viney plants but it doesn't vine on the walls. This looks more like a bushy one.

Still with its small size, this plant grows pretty faster than any other plant. This is a must go plant for you if you want to go for something to plant beside the way to your home or at the entrance.

Arrowhead plant:

Arrowhead plant is one of my favorite plants after bamboo, in this category. Besides it's fast growing property, it has some unique features such as the unique shape of the leaves and the vines on them.

Arrowhead plant is proven to grow with a much higher speed than any other normal plants. This plant is very much known for the height it grows up to. Sometimes it can grow up to several feet if not cut.

Bamboo plant

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plant on earth. By the way one of the amazing fact is that the popular Chinese Moso bamboo plant can grow almost one meter in a single day. Have you heard this amazing fact before? 

Apart from that the indoor bamboo plants can grow up to 19 inches in only six months. The maximum height of common indoor bamboo plants is 3 feet, but in some cases the lucky bamboo plants can grow up to 5 feet tall maximum. 

You can plant a bamboo tree in a short period of time, which is a great thing for indoor planting. 

So, if you are searching for a fast growing indoor plant then must go for the bamboo plant recommend for you. 

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