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Snake Plant: Care and Benefits | Plantilia

All you need to know about Snake plants before planting. The complete Snake plant Care guide and benefits

Did you know that among the three most oxygen producing indoor plants, Snake plant is one? I guess you knew it, but did you also know that 2-3 Snake plants are enough to get you the best air quality index scores even if there are very worse conditions outside.

Snake Plant: Care and Benefits | Plantilia

Snake plants are as we all know, very popular among gardeners and plant owners. There are also many people who know this plant, even have one but don't know that it's a Snake plant. In today's blog, we are going to know about Snake plants, How to care for them and obviously, How do they help us?

Benefits of Snake Plant:

I am literally in a confusion about what to mention here. Not because it doesn't have many benefits, but because there's a lot of them to mention. Still here are a few of them:

  1. Snake plants work as great air purifiers. Yup! They can clean the air you are currently surrounded with.
  2. It not only purifies them, but also can provide a lot of oxygen by taking CO2 continuously throughout the day.
  3. Snake Plants make a great companion for your home, you can freely style them to complement your interior/ exterior.
  4. Though they can be planted outdoors, most people like them planted indoor so that the plant will help in maintaining a good Air Quality Index indoors.
  5. This plant can remove toxins and other harmful materials from air such as Formaldehyde.
  6. Snake plants sometimes can help you fight allergies.

Now, if you have any Snake plant or planning to buy one, then you might need some caring tips. 

Aggghh!! I am very bad at marketing in my own blogs, Let's get straight to the point. Let us learn some "caring mantras" so that we can grow our Snake plant.

Caring Tips/ Caring Mantras For A Healthy Snake Plant:

Snake plants are one among the species of plants that love forgiving people for not caring them. Snake plants are very tolerate and can survive for weeks if you ever forget to water them or prune them or feed them.

Still here are some tips that you should follow so that you Snake plant will grow to the fullest.

Watering For Snake Plant:

As we have already discussed in many blogs on plant care, watering is something that depends on many factors. Factors like temperature, humidity affect the watering habit directly whereas the factors such as, soil type and soil quality are something that affect it indirectly.

Watering Snake plant once every 2-3 weeks is enough(on an average), however we must check the water amount in soil. Also make sure to let the soil dry completely for at least 1-2 days, so that there's no water is left near the roots.

Sunlight Requirements of Snake Plant:

Snake plants adore the shady bright sunlight however you can also place them in direct sunlight. Shady bright sunlight is very much appreciated though. Also, if you are planting it in a cold country, make sure to let it enjoy the holy warmth of the Sun and avoid placing it in direct Sunlight if you live in a place very hot in conditions.

Feeding Snake plants:

Snake plants can be fed any kind of plant food. And someone can also buy plant food that is specifically made for Snake plants. Also, if someone doesn't wants to be so specific then, Succulent plant food are a great choice.

Key takeaway:

Snake plants are one of the most forgiving plants. Although there are a lot of species of snake plants still most of them are very forgiving. I know a small plant can't make a big difference but still small changes can make huge differences in the long run.

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